Student Hubs

KCLSU Hubs are support desks at each campus where we can access a range of Union services in person. There will be two such locations in Bush House, staffed by students and providing the same range of services currently offered by the Union. 

Where in Bush House will we find Hubs?

The KCLSU Hub currently located in the Lobby of Macadam Building at Strand will move to the Ground Floor of Bush House South East Wing and there will be an additional desk on the 7th Floor.

KCLSU Hub: Lobby

The Hub on the ground floor will be part of the larger multi-purpose welcome zone for the Union, where we'll have access to a wide range of seating, recreational facilities and a café.

KCLSU Hub: Lower Loft

The Hub on the 7th Floor will provide direct access to the Union’s staff offices where we can speak directly with our Student Officers and non student staff members and continue to access a range of services including Advice.

When will  KCLSU Hubs open in Bush House?

KCLSU Hubs in Bush House will open in 2018. Until then, all other Hubs will continue to operate, providing the usual raft of services.