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KCLSU can report it believes that there has been a successful boycott of the National Student Survey

We believe that the fill in rate is below 50% and therefore the boycott campaign at King’s to stop students filling in the National Student Survey in protest against the Government’s Higher Education reforms, including the rising of home tuition fees, has been successful.


When students first began this campaign, many said that we wouldn’t succeed, either because students are apathetic towards the reforms or to the Students’ Union. Both have been proven to be wrong by our success.


KCLSU has demonstrated that we are a truly representative Union that has fought, and won, in the best interests of our members. We are the representative body of students and students are engaged with their Union and have demonstrated it, and we will continue to fight always in their interests.


Students have wholeheartedly rejected King’s rising of their fees, with a colossal drop from the previous year in the NSS fill in rate.


We lobbied in the House of Lords and were mentioned several times in the debates there. We have protested, lobbied, flyered and held a speaking event. And we have won. 


This comes at the same time as the voice of students’ has been recognised nationally in the fight against the Higher Education and Research bill. There have been key concessions and amendments made to the bill including delaying the link between the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and fee rises until 2020/21. [include link to]


There is a clear message I would like to give to Westminster, the sector, and to King’s itself: we will not give feedback data until you halt the rise in fees and come back to the table to negotiate with students on the HE reforms. No representative body of students in the country agrees wholeheartedly with these reforms, and it has led to a wedge between students and Universities across the country. When we should be working in partnership, we have come into conflict.


Unions will continue to do this as we have a duty to do what is in the best interests of students, and it will continue into the future at King’s until there are no more rises in tuition fees.