The Advice team is here to support you both during and after the strikes and we are in regular communication with the college to find out about any new information. Please see below for the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. You can contact us at if you have any further questions or would like advice.


How will the Strike affect my Assessment Deadlines, Coursework and Exams?

Important Update!

Coursework deadlines should be extended if you can show that you will be/ have been prevented from submitting an assessment or sitting an exam within the given timeframe. This also applies if you can demonstrate if the strike has had/ will have a significant impact on your performance in an assessment. If these situations apply to you, you will need to submit a mitigating circumstances form (MCF) to your department - you can find out more information on submitting a Mitigating Circumstance Form including our Video Guide on the Mitigating circumstances webpages


The University has also given information in three specific situations:

  1. Where a scheduled class/activity has not run, and where cancellation of teaching or delays in returning marks and providing feedback affects students’ ability to prepare for their next coursework assignment, examination or other form of assessment, departments should be putting cohort mitigations in place that negate the need for individual students to submit an MCF unless there is a very specific to them reason for doing so. In such situations your department should be communicating this to you. Please check with your department to confirm that this is the case if you haven't heard from them and come to see KCLSU Advice if you need further support. 
  2. If you are unable to attend your lectures/tutorials because you feel unable to cross the picket lines due to the impact on your mental health, and the failure to attend those lectures/tutorials significantly impacts on your performance in an assessment, you will need to provide evidence from a medical professional of how you were impacted along with your MCF.
  3. If you choose not to attend lectures/tutorials due to supporting the strike and this significantly impacts on your performance in an assessment, or you miss an assessment due to not wanting to cross picket lines to support the strike, then an MCF form will NOT be accepted.  The University has indicated, however, that any consequences from missed assessments will be proportionate i.e. if you miss an assessment it’s likely that you will get the opportunity to resit.


Can I get compensation?

The University has stated that if students feel strongly that their learning has been impacted by the strikes, they will look into compensating them. They have put aside the money, which has been saved from paying salaries during the strikes for this purpose. They will not, however, be making any decisions about how that compensation will look until after the strikes have ended, at which time they will be able to understand the full picture and take appropriate decisions. They are asking that any student requesting compensation should email the Principal's office at Therefore, we would encourage you to contact the University directly if this if you would like to claim compensation. If you are still not happy with King’s response you could consider the following:

1. Make a Complaint
You may wish to make a complaint to the University if you are not happy that you have not been able to attend lectures or receive the tuition you need.

2. Take Legal Action
You may wish to consider whether you want to take legal action against the University for breach of contract. You would need to consult a solicitor if you wish to take this action. Solicitors charge for their services so it is always best to check their costs before going to see them.


This is the current position as we understand it from the University. We will update our website regularly with any new information to help keep you informed. If you’re unsure of what to do or would like more in depth advice about these options please contact usat KCLSU Advice and we will be happy to help with your queries.