Data Science Society

We want to create an intellectually stimulating environment where students can engage in exploring, hypothesising and producing solutions to pressing problems in today’s society. Whether you are a medical student exploring cancer prognosis and prediction, interested in the implementation and effect of 5G connected  self driving cars, how to build smarter cities to handle the current population explosion, using data to inform business decisions, philosphy and ethics of using data science and much more. We hope to cater the more specific topic around your interests. We will hold tutorials covering machine learning, statistics, research skills and methods to equip you with the relevant skills needed to explore and solve your problem. Talks from experts on their research and early access on what they believe will be the future trends, innovations and effect.
Networking events to meet relvant firms and likeminded student to bolster your career prospects. Group projects to put your skills to the test and learn a how to collaborate to produce the best results.


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