Event Description

Friday 06 April 2018

7:30pm - 10pm

Tutu's, 4th Floor Macadam Building, Strand Campus


‘A scorchingly dark comedy where a monster from the past meets the monsters of the present’ It’s the 1990s and the setting is a dishevelled burnt out flat in Bethnal Green in the east end of london, belonging to Torchie Sparks and her prostitute, pyromaniac granddaughter Rio Sparks (who is also leader of vicious girl gang called ‘The Disciples’).

The first act introduces us to Travis Flood, an ex gangster who’s dark past interlinks with the dark past of Torchie as they sit and share distant ghosts of memories, reenacting what come to life as dramatic and absurd fragments of memory. The arrival of Rio and her girls Miss Sulphur and Miss Kerosene brings a dramatic shift in tone to the play, as secrets of the past (some of which are exceedingly dark) are exposed further. Scattered with captivating reenactments of crime, a sprinkling of light torture and a hell of a lot of female empowerment and f*ck the patriarchy rhetoric, Act 2 climaxes in explosive conflict and emotional revelations.

** We’d advise audiences members of over 15, due to the language, violence and potentially distressing themes throughout the play**

Director- Evie Ayres-Townshend Assistant Director- Elèni Depollas Producer- Tabitha Piggott 



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