The aim of the campaign is to include core textbooks and texts as part of tuition fees. Books that are core reading for a module and are needed throughout, or a large portion, should be provided by the university.

Campaign Impact

This campaign ended in 2019

How will the campaign impact King's students?

This will be beneficial to many students as it can ensure that everyone has fair access to the textbooks and there isn't a struggle to find them at the library. It allows students to freely annotate their books and use them in the most convenient way to study without compromising their style due to have to constantly use library books. It also helps students form less privileged backgrounds being able to afford these books, which can accumulate to a large cost and help save many people money and not have to prioritise going to work and miss seminars. It provides better opportunity for focus on academic success.

Which students at King's will the campaign impact?

This campaign includes everyone and benefits everyone in a very positive way.

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