Boycott the NSS

To organise students to take part in a national boycott of the National Student Survey (NSS) and Destination of Leavers survey (DLHE).

Campaign Objective

To see a drop in NSS participation rates.

Campaign Impact

''We knew the government were going to use the National Student survey as a metric as part of their Teaching Excellent Framework (TEF) and knew that Government also intended to use this to raise student undergraduate home tuition fees. To combat this, we did targeted emails to students through the KCLSU Officers Update, held open meetings and encouraged people to boycott, as well as holding stalls around campus. The boycott, in the end, was a success, with the fill in rate of the NSS falling to below 50%, and after this, the link between fees and TEF was cut when a number of other Unions boycotted. This means that generations of students have seen a fee freeze where before they would have rose with inflation to up to £10,000 by 2021-22." (NSS Boycott campaigner)