Take Time Out 2019

29th April - 10th May Your wellbeing break space during exam time

Exams period can be hard and stressing, and we want to make sure you get the right support during this period.

Come and visit us outside the campus libraries and enjoy events, games and simple 5 min activities to unwind and relax. Not a library kind of person? Scroll down to all the resources online!


Upcoming events

Your "5 a day" for this exam season

Savour the moment

Exams season is an important and often stressful time for all those taking part, but to get the best out of your studies we also encourage you to try and enjoy the present by taking a break, and savour the small things in life! We have prepared loads of activities happening in our Take Time Out Tents at different locations from 29 April to 10 May. Unwind for 10 minutes and enjoy free smoothies, games, conversations and the possibility to win prices. Good luck!

Never Stop Learning

You may be laughing at this one – as if you weren’t learning enough already! But learning and discovering new things can be really helpful in improving performance across a number of tasks. Learning a new skill such as cooking helps you remember and retain information faster over time so we’ve brought you some easy recipes to practice at home or in residences.

Keep Moving

Staying active helps to improve brain function and releases endorphins that make you feel better - both mentally and physically. Keep moving during exam time with King's Sport at our free BeActive sessions in the Take Time Out tents around King's campuses and libraries. You can also try out a simple yoga flow that you can do anywhere! Be sure to get rewarded (and get free coffees!) for staying active by signing up to King's Move and join the new challenge for a chance to win a 3-month membership to King's gyms.

Give to others

• As cheesy as it may sound, we are all in this together and is important that we help and support each other. That’s why CommuniTEA is back during Take Time Out! This initiative is based around the "Pay it forward" idea, whereby someone pays for a food/drink item for the next customer along.

The system will be running during the exam period at our two Cafes, The Shack and The Shed. You can go to The Shed, pay for your normal purchase then have the option of paying for a hot/cold beverage to go to someone else. Once paid for, you will get a voucher, which you can pass to a friend in the vicinity, or leave at the till for the next customer to pick up. The hope is that those receiving vouchers also participate in the initiative, maintaining the chain of kindness!

Invest in Relationships

Campus Conversations is an initiative at King's to help build a support within our community of students. During the exam period ambassadors will be hosting the Campus Conversations Café in the Take Time Out tent at both Guy's Campus and the Maughan Library. Come along from 1-3pm each day for a free tea or coffee, biscuits, and a chance to chat with about whatever is on your mind.

Exam Tips and Rules

Here are some useful things to remember for exams

Rules for sitting an exam

Penalties for exam hall offences Examination offences are taken very seriously. Penalties for examination offences include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • Suspension or expulsion from the College
  • Assignment of the minimum mark for the module or all modules taken
  • Failure of the module or all modules taken
  • Anyone either suspected of or caught committing an examination offence will be reported to the Student Conduct and Appeals Office for further investigation.

Exam hall offences

Examples of examination misconduct include the following:

  • Having unauthorised items either on your person or underneath your desk, or in the examination hall (apart from in the appropriate ‘Bag & Coat Drop’ area), including the toilets
  • Cheating, attempting to cheat or assisting another candidate to cheat
  • Opening the exam paper before the exam has started
  • Writing anything on the examination stationery other than the information requested (i.e. candidate number, module code, exam title etc) before the exam has started
  • Having writing on any part of your body or added to your clothes
  • Talking to any other students once in the exam hall (including after your exam has finished)
  • Removing any used or unused answer books, exam papers or any other examination stationery from the exam hall, even temporarily
  • Having a mobile phone that makes any noise at all during the exam or that is not switched off when in the exam hall, or having a mobile phone on your person at any time when in the exam hall (including the toilets)
  • Leaving the hall during the first 75 minutes of the exam or during the last 15 minutes of the exam (unless instructed to do so)
  • Continuing to write after the exam has ended
  • Ignoring or disobeying any other instructions given by an invigilator or member of the Examinations Team
Arrive ahead of time

Plan to arrive at the exam hall 20 minutes ahead of time to avoid last minute stress.

Check Your Pockets

Always check your pockets and pencil case for notes and remove them.

Feeling unwell?

If you're having difficulty studying, talk to someone - your department or advice service can help you.

Metal health difficulties

Mental health difficulties are a valid reason for a Mitigating Circumstance form.