Campaigning at KCLSU

Every student at King’s is automatically a member of KCLSU, which means we have a membership of around 37,000 students. Together, we have a strong and powerful voice, that when united can bring about big changes.  We have a diverse membership, with lots of different viewpoints so from the outset it’s important that when we campaign as part of KCLSU, the campaign has democratic legitimacy that proves our members support the campaign.

We do this in two main ways; if the campaign is on an elected officers manifesto or if it is proposed as a campaign and reaches a threshold of support.

You can find out more about Campaigning at KCLSU here.

Proposed Campaigns

Proposed campaigns are ideas that have been submitted by fellow students. These ideas need either 150 student signatures or 75 signatures from students of the campaign lead's chosen network(s). If they achieve one, or both, of these signature requirements, then the proposed campaign will become a KCLSU supported campaign.


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KCLSU Supported Campaigns

These are the proposed campaigns that have gained enough support (be it through 150 student signatures, 75 network signatures, or both) and are now KCLSU supported campaigns - this means the campaign's officer will work with KCLSU's support to try and make their campaign aim a reality

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Campaigns seeking extra support

These are ideas that require the support of both 150 students and 75 members of the campaign lead's chosen network(s). Having the extra support is important for some campaigns so these are the ideas that have technically passed as a KCLSU supported campaign but would like the extra support of students or networks.


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How can we support these campaigns?

Campaigns can either be supported by the whole KCLSU membership (all King's students) or by one or more of our associations.
We have separate autonomous associations because as a union we recognise that some groups have historically, and continue to be marginalised or not have their voices heard. Associations exist to give those groups a space to connect with each other and to organise around issues that might affect them which is why some campaigns might be specifically be supported by one association or a number of them.
For a campaign to be supported by the whole KCLSU membership it needs 150 members of KCLSU to support the campaign. For each association, 75 KCLSU members who self-define as being part of that community need to support the campaign. People can vote as both a member of KCLSU and a member of an association. For example, a member of KCLSU who self-defines as a woman can vote both as a KCLSU member and as a member of the Women’s Association. 

Why would a campaign need association support?

We have seven associations at KCLSU - if we self-define into any of these Associations, we are automatically a members of this association. This means, as a group, we represent everyone within this association and we can make decisions as a collective.

These are groups of students that aim to combat oppression, discrimination and inequality faced by students on a local and national level. associations exist to connect us, highlight current issues, and empower us to act collectively and bring about change.

If a campaign is seeking the support of an association, this means, the campaign lead is seeking the collective support of that group of students.

The seven associations are as follows:

  • People of Colour Association - get in touch at
  • Disabled Students’ Association - get in touch at
  • International Students’ Association - get in touch at
  • Mature Students’ Assocation
  • LGBT+ Association - get in touch at
  • Women’s Association - get in touch
  • Widening Participation Association - get in touch at