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The 2019 Summer Flicks you can't miss

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What better way to spend your great British summer than avoiding it by sitting in a dark, poorly ventilated room with sticky floors. Yes, we’re talking about the cinema. Summer has always marked some key releases for Hollywood, schools have broken up for the summer holidays and there are thousands of excitable children ready to spike their sugar levels with popcorn, slushies and ice cream. Let’s all bask in the cinematic magic together!


 It’s finally here. Toy Story 4. The iconic three prior quintessentially raising anyone born in the 90’s. This heart-warming yet emotional final chapter is not disappointing in the box office and is not one to be missed.


Yeah... we don’t like sleep either. The accuracy on swedish cultural practices is a little off but the thrills are most certainly not. Midsommar is being praised as one of the better horror films of the year with Ari Aster continuing to take steps in a fresher direction for the genre.


Mufasa forever! One of the most heartbreaking scenes in all cinema has been given a 2019 live action makeover. This fresh take on The Lion King should hold few surprises for anyone familiar with one of the strongest movies Disney has ever produced. What will surpise viewers, however, are the added nuaces by Jon Favreau in this big budget blockbuster with the ultimate star-studded cast.


Quentin Tarantino’s much-anticipated ninth project centres around a failing Hollywood actor played by Leonardo DiCaprio and his stuntman played by Brad Pitt. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is unlikely to disappoint but more than likely to offend, after all it is a Tarantino film. 

What can we say about Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs and Shaw? Two bald heads, three testosterone - fueled men, fast cars, action on top of action, the baddest of bad guys and superpowers(?). This is hands down the adrenaline boost you need to rocket launch you through the last days of summer.

Olympus, London and finally... Angel Has Fallen. The film follows on from previous events in the sequel, with Gerald Butler taking centre stage once again in this easy-to-watch action thriller.

For those of you looking to revel in the rebellious narratives of 90’s cinema look no further than BFI Southbank. From July - August, BFI will be celebrating 10 years of explosive, transformative and challenging cinema with Nineties:Young Cinema Rebels. From Reservoir Dogs to the The Matrix, Do the Right Thing and Trainspotting - this film fest is sure to give you all the nostalgia digestible in one sitting.


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