Tournament Thursday Beer Pong

Thursday 26 September 2019

Tournament Thursday Beer Pong



Thursday 26 September 2019
6pm - 10pm
Guy's Bar


£5.99 (Beer Pong Individual)
£8.50 (BubblyPong individua)

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Tournament Thursday Beer Pong

Games in Guy's Night! Get in the competitive over a game of beer pong, Guy's Bar is the place to be! If you love beer pong and drinking Prosecco, you've come to the right place! We've combined these two beautiful pastimes into your new favourite thing. You play by lining up the 12 Prosecco glasses/Pint Cups in the traditional beer pong triangle shape. Then it’s over to you, try to bounce your pink ping pong balls into the opposite team's glasses. For every successful shot, the other side has to drink the Prosecco/Beer in the glass (what an awful punishment).

You sink it; they drink it!


How does it work?
Inscription: 8:00 PM
The tournament starts: 8:15 PM
Playing time 15-30 mins max
Participation: £5.99 per person for Beer Pong/ £8.50 per Person for Prosecco Pong
*Limited Spaces*
We provide the Beer/Prosecco for all the games for FREE
Winner takes: Prosecco Bottle + 2 Queue Jump Wednesday Night