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Student Officers 101

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What do Student Officers do?

Student Officers lead KCLSU and represent over 40,000 students and over 150 staff. Their roles are full-time, paid positions, where they sit on the KCLSU Board of Trustees: the highest level of decision making within the Union. The job of a Student Officer varies from role to role (there are six Officers in total), but all have common aims, including:

1. Amplifying student voices to decision makers at King’s, KCLSU, and across the national student movement.

2. Engaging with students to empower them and support their initiatives and campaigns.

3. Building student communities by proactively joining with student groups and student lead activities.

4. Developing a student-led Union that serves the needs of all its members and communities.


What are the different roles?

There are six different Student Officer roles, each with different areas of focus within KCLSU:

  • The KCLSU President is the Chair of the KCLSU Trustee Board. This means they provide leadership for both KCLSU and the Board. They’re also responsible for performance managing the KCLSU Chief Executive. They attend the National Union of Students’ National Conference as KCLSU’s lead delegate, and the King’s College London Council as a council member.   
  • The Vice President, Activities & Development is the Lead Officer for the development of student activities, societies and clubs.
  • The Vice President, Education (Arts & Sciences) is the Lead Officer for the educational experience of students in the Arts and Humanities faculties.
  • The Vice President, Education (Health) is the Lead Officer for the educational experience of students in the Health faculties.
  • The Vice President Postgraduate is the Lead Officer for the development of postgraduate student activities, societies and clubs. As well as for the educational experience and wellbeing of postgraduate students.
  • The Vice President, Welfare & Community is the Lead Officer for the development of student wellbeing and under-represented student communities.


How are they elected?

Student Officers are elected by a democratic vote from King’s students. Election Cycles run in Autumn and Spring, and any student can nominate themselves to run as a Student Officer.


What have last year’s Student Officers achieved?

Last year’s Student Officers have filmed reports of their achievements for you to view here. They have also written a report which includes more detail of their work that you can find here.


Who are this year’s Student Officers?

Below are the names of our new Student Officers. By clicking on them, you can read up on their manifestos and find out more about the causes close to their hearts. We’ve also included their contact information if you’d like to get in touch with them.

Salma Hussain – President - [email protected]

Niall Berry - VP Activities & Development - [email protected]

Vatsav Soni - VP Education (Arts & Sciences) - [email protected]

Aless Gibson - VP Education (Health) - [email protected]

Heena Ramchandani - Vice President Postgraduate - [email protected]

Tasnia Yasmin - VP Welfare & Community - [email protected]