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Student Officer Team statement on occupied Palestine

KCLSU Officers banner with their pictures, names and titles

As a Students’ Union, we are committed to social justice, and the Officers stand in full solidarity with the people of Palestine. We are saddened to see the recent brutal acts of violence, most recently including the forced evictions of families in Sheikh Jarrah and attacks on worshippers in Masjid Al-Aqsa during the holy month of Ramadan.

Occupation in Palestine by Israeli forces has resulted in ethnic cleansing and recognised apartheid globally, and this last week has highlighted the severity of this. Alongside the continued indiscriminate bombing of Gaza which has targeted schools, hospitals and stores, within the last week there have been over 200 civilian deaths and many more injured. This has highlighted the abject callousness of not just the Israeli regime but also the inaction of international, intergovernmental organisations and alliances, including our own. In fact, the UK government has consistently been complicit in supplying and profiting from the weapons used to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians. It is critical to acknowledge that this is not a religious conflict, this is a humanitarian issue. We send support and stand with our students and communities who have been affected by the continuous human rights violations and violence in Palestine.

However, Palestinian activism is no excuse to exercise any hatred. We acknowledge that the Jewish community have received hateful and anti-Semitic comments and they should not be blamed for the actions of a foreign state. We want to be clear that the critique of Israel’s actions is not to be conflated with anti-Semitism, which we do not condone.

We also do not condone any hateful messages towards our students and if you have received or witnessed such behaviour, please report this through the KCLSU Complaints procedure. KCLSU have a strict zero-tolerance policy on bullying and harassment and we do not condone any anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or hate crime towards our students or staff. Student safety is our top priority and if you have been a victim of such attacks, bullying or harassment, get in touch with KCLSU Advice, KCL Chaplaincy or complaints.

If your wellbeing or mental health has been affected by this issue in any way, you can access the below services as a student:

  • Pro-Counselling?is a free and confidential counselling service for King’s students. You can call them on 0808 196 6172 from 17.00 to 09.00 on weekdays and 24/7 on weekends, bank holidays and King’s closure days.

  • TogetherAll is an anonymous, free and 24/7 online service you can access with your King’s email.

  • Our Wellbeing Hub?is packed with resources, links, advice and ideas to support you with your wellbeing and mental health all year round

  • King’s Chaplaincy is a resource for all students and staff at King’s, of all faiths and none. They welcome all students to get in touch if you need any support, especially during difficult times.

  • If you feel your academic experience is suffering due to what is happening, our Academic Advice team provides free, confidential, and impartial academic advice to students with issues affecting your studies.

Here are some resources where you can educate yourself and stand with us in solidarity with the people of Palestine:

We eagerly await KCL’s statement on the situation, where actions are promised, not simply empty concerns around welfare.

Please feel free to get in touch with the officer team if you have any queries, concerns, or for a further conversation.