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Officer Statement on Dr Niall McCrae

As your elected officers, we are concerned about Dr Niall McCrae, a senior lecturer in mental health nursing and registered mental health nurse at King’s College London. There is a video of Dr McCrae apparently verbally abusing a black Remain campaigner at a Brexit Party rally (including by calling him a “traitor”) and poking him with a Union Jack on a flagpole, while another person throws water on the Remain campaigner.

Dr McCrae has openly expressed harmful views in the past. This includes calling for the burqa to be banned from “civic institutions such as schools, universities and courts of law”, co-writing an article referring to LGBT+ activists at King’s as “the Gaystapo and co-authoring a booklet supporting the antisemitic “cultural Marxism” conspiracy theory alongside Islamophobic allegations around Muslim immigration to the UK. These writings serve as an indicator of Dr McCrae’s personal beliefs and as such, this latest news comes as no surprise to us.

We acknowledge that King’s College London is investigating his conduct. We urge the college to take swift and firm action to safeguard students and prevent these incidents from happening again, and will be closely monitoring the outcome.