International Students' Fees Compensation

A group of students sat in a room talking.
To ensure international students are compensated for the welfare and financial impact of the disruption caused by the changes due to COVID.


How will the campaign impact King's students?

1. Support the National International Fee Compensation Campaign which asks for a 30% reimbursement of international student fee from the university with the help of government support.

2. Proper helplines and help in place at Kings which allows students who need basic necessities such as shelter or food can call and get support.

3. Better wellbeing initiatives and support for international students who are affected not just by the UK guidelines but also the issues in their own countries.

4. Expansion of hardship fund with a more streamlined application process.

5. Provide compensation Bursaries for students who had to take on extra cost eg: Extra internet expense or buying books online for the course, for studying remotely from countries with inadequate remote-study environments.

6. Providing administrative help to students from countries which are restricting overseas bank transfers due to economic downfall (for tuition fees and rent).

7. Streamlined procedure for International students to ask for a third installment for tuition fee payment.

8.Recognise that international students have had go through a lot of financial and emotional distress to attain education despite the best efforts of the university.

Which students at King's will the campaign impact?

The campaign aims will affect International Students

Who should support the campaign?

International Association Members

Campaign Leads

  • Saffana

Campaign email address

[email protected]