Invest In Relationships

Ways to improve/maintain relationships with self and others

Connecting with others and nurturing relationships helps us all feel like we’re not alone. It is not only beneficial to our own mental health to cultivating positive relationships with others, but it also can really boost the wellbeing of those we care about –so we’re all feeling good! 

At King's

Even though we’re not all on campus, there are many ways we can stay connected.

Positive Peers

Positive Peers are peer supporters who are trained to support the mental health and wellbeing of their fellow King’s students. To check out what virtual events they’re running or to schedule in a virtual chat with a Positive Peer, check out their social media. 

KCLSU Student Life

To connect with societies, activity groups and sports clubs in one place, follow Student Life KCLSU where you can see what weekly Take Time In challenges are happening and find out how to get involved with loads of KCLSU student groups online. 

Campus Conversations

Campus Conversations is a project that runs across King’s with the expressed desire to bring people together. Campus Conversations is about building bridges and developing a culture of face to face conversations between students by sharing our stories in a 30-minute conversation that goes beyond the surface. Campus Conversations provides an allocated and safe space and time for students to have these conversations with a trained Campus Conversations Student Ambassador virtually. 

Campus Conversations is currently not running.

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King's Careers and Employability

Invest in new professional relationships and improve your networking skills with King’s Careers & Employability’s great Keats resources on how to start networking online and gain career inspiration 

Your peers recommend 

Check out all these ways that King’s students have been connecting with each other and investing in relationships online! 

Indoor Escape Room

Outdoor escape game creators ONIGO have created a FREE indoor escape game - The Atlantean Chest - which can be played without leaving your home. Check out all the details here!

Have virtual parties with your friends

Have a virtual coffee break, fancy dress Kahoot quiz, Houseparty or Bunch Group Chat to connect with your friends remotely. You can also arrange weekly/daily meetings on Zoom, Teams or Skype with a sharable link !  

Join a virtual book club or do a reading challenge with some of these options: 

  1. Start a book club with some friends and meet virtually to discuss  
  2. Check out the World Economic Forum book club with a page on Facebook and Instagram dedicated to followers discussing the book they’re reading 
  3. Reach out to the Book Club Society to see how you can join their book clubs online
  4. Discover Goodreads, where you can share book recommendations, read reviews and connect with friends with reading challenges. There are also thousands of lists based on genres or what they have previously read. There are also discussion groups, quizzes and lots of groups to join.
  5. Read reviews from professionals in different fields on Five Books so you can narrow down your search and find the best books to read in your area of interest!

Movies, Games and Entertainment

  • Grab your popcorn and have a movie night with pals using Netflix Party (chrome extension) 

  • Use Letterboxd to keep track of the films and shows you watch in your cinema club
  • Outwit your friends with the Psych! App where you make up fake answers to real trivia questions or try
  • Go old school and send a postcard/letter to a loved one or to an elderly person
  • Setup a board game night with friends using Steam, Boardgame Arena or check out this big list of boardgames you can play virtually