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Student Officers Making Change

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Last year the Student Officer Team for 2013/2014 worked with student representatives to influence some big changes. They couldn't have done it without the support of King's students who voted, campaigned, lobbied and shared their voice for action. Here are just a few of the highlights:


College invest £4million in campus WiFi

The reliability of WiFi on campus is something students regularly told us they wanted to see the College improve. Student Officers worked to get students views heard, helping to inform the College's decision to approve a £4million investment in campus WiFi. 


College scraps re-sit fees

Your Student Officers, powered by students using their voice have successfully lobbied the College to remove all fees related to re-sitting any exams or assessments from August 2014 onwards. This sees an end to you having to pay £75 to retake an exam, or paying up to £200 if you're a Dentistry or Medicine student. We believe failing an exam or assessment is stressful enough, without the additional penalty of a re-sit fee.


International and Postgraduate fees regulation

Until now, fees for International, part-time Post Graduate Taught and Post Graduate Research students haven’t been regulated. We wanted to see that change. After lobbying from the Student Officers, the College agreed that, between years of study, these fees won't rise above inflation. 



So if there's something you want changed, Student Officers have access to high level decision-makers and are trained to make change happen! If there is an issue you want to campaign on, the Student Officers are here to support you. Check out our campaigning web pages and contact campaigns@kclsu.org for advice on how to get your campaign started. 



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