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Running a Club

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Here you'll find lots of handy forms, documents and guides to help you run your Sports Club.

Development Fund - now open!

As a Sports Club, you are able to able to apply for funding for Wellbeing Initiatives, Liberation History months or KCLSU Events (i.e Welcome, One World, etc.)
More information on all of the above can be found on our funding page.
If you are holding an event during Welcome and do not require funding but would like KCLSU Marketing to help promote your event, you will need to follow the same process as above and visit the funding page.



KCLSU Coach/Instructor Services Agreement

NUS Access Agreements

Sports Team Eligibility for Medical and Non-Medical Students

KCLSU Sports Club Agreement



Sports Clubs 2016/17 Accounts

Sports Clubs 2015/16 Accounts

Supplier Database

Payment Request Form

Payment Request Guide


London Sport Funding Guide

Running Sports Fundraising Grant Sponsorship Guide


See www.kclsu.org/fundraising/guidance for information about holding a fundraising event.

Health and Safety

KCLSU DBS Sessions

Risk Assessment Document

Marketing and Promotion


Event Promotion Form



Starting a new Club

Club Development Plan

Submit Coach Information


PAT Training Presentations


Club Development PAT Presentation

Core Information PAT Presentation

Finance PAT Presentation



President Role Description

Treasurer Role Description

Venue Booking


Sports Grounds - Open Play

Book a Room

KCLSU External Speaker Policy - updated March 2016


Contact Us

Get in touch with our Sports Team.

Email sport@kclsu.org

Phone 020 7848 4588

KCLSU Room Booking Policy - updated March 2016

BUCS Fixture Useful Links


Playing Under Protest

Rearrangement Request Form

BUCS/LUSL Regulations

BUCS Team Sheets

KCLSU BUCS Individual Entry Policy

Sports Captains Handbook 2016/17

BUCScore User Guides

Captains Training Presentation 2016-17

Walkover Document

BUCS Officials Requirements

LUSL Officials Requirements