Idea: More family friendly events

What is the idea?

I would like to see more family friendly events. A lot of the events will exclude those with families and it is quite easy to make events open for all. Extending an event so it starts a bit earlier opens it up to people with extra responsibilities.

What would the impact be?

At the IoPPN we have made our event inclusive for all. At our recent Christmas party we ensure children were welcome until 9pm and we provided facepainting, colouring and also put on a kid friendly movie with pop corn and ice cream. All students attended and we had three children come too.

Who would it impact?

It will help to make student parents feel part of the student community. While parent targeted events are great, it doesn’t address the problem of feeling different to the rest of the student body. This is a way to keep us working all together.


Governing Committee

Activities committee



The idea proposer has met with KCLSU staff, who have been implementing a number of initiatives to have family friendly events. For example, there was a family room at the Welcome Fair and many students brought their children with them to the fair. 

In terms of society events, case studies and information about making events family-friendly have been incorporated into inclusivity training sessions. KCLSU is also working with societies to showcase events specifically aimed at students parents - e.g. Child Parent Yoga.