Idea: Access to West Wing and better sports storage

What is the idea?

I would like to see better access for students to the new West wing site/a more streamlined process for gaining entry and a student space that is more accessible. I would also like the sports storage facilities to be improved as the sports cupboards are disorganised and I think they are actually dangerous at the moment.

What will the impact be?

This will improve the experience of those using the KCLSU west wing student space. It will potentially make it easier for students to access new sports that they might otherwise be put off from trying as the new set up can lock people out/stop them from getting in!

Who will it affect?

Those who use west wing site


Governing Committee

Sports Executive



Better access to West Wing: This has been resolved: activity groups that require access to the sports cupboard out of hours have been given access.

Better sports storage: The sports cupboard was cleared out and the cupboard has been re-ordered with groups being allocated space and an inventory taken. Longer term solutions for more storage are being investigated.