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"The University has the responsibility to:

  • Put students at the centre of everything it does: seeing students as equal partners in shaping and decision making

...The Union has the responsibility to:

  • ...Be a critical friend to the university and support the university to engage with students"

King's College London and King's College London Students' Union Relationship Agreement [2016]



Student Reps are run as a partnership between King's College London and King's College London Students' Union. This page contains all the information you need to know in one handy page. 


Role of a Student Rep

The primary duty of a Student Rep is to ensure that they effectively collate and communicate the views of the students they represent, ensuring the feedback loop is closed by communicating the outcomes of this process back to their peers.

They are expected to attend meetings at programme level to discuss local course issues with their tutors and programme leaders.

Read the Student Rep role description here.



Student Rep candidates should always self-nominate, but there are a number of ways that the decision can be made as to who should be appointed.

Read our advice on electing Student Reps here: How to elect a Student Rep

And our Elections Pack for help with promoting the process here: Elections Pack

Read more about the KCLSU Voting System here



Training should occur within two weeks of Student Reps being elected.

The session lasts roughly an hour and is relatively informal and interactive. Each session is modelled to your faculty to keep it relevant. 

Have a look at last years training slides.

Find out more details about training dates including for SSLC Chairs, Student Rep Leads, Returning Reps and PGR Reps here: Training Dates


Student Chairs 

Many departments now have Student Reps chairing or co-chairing meetings to help make them more accessible.

Read the NMS Student Rep Co-Chair SSLC Guideline here: Student Rep Co-Chair SSLC Guideline
Read the testimony of former Student Rep Co-Chair here: Testimony of former Student Rep Co-Chair

We will also be running Chair Training. The dates will be circulated in September and will be open to all faculties.



When Student Reps are first elected, welcome them in! You may not be able to host a big welcome party like they do in NMS - but at least send a welcoming email which makes it clear they are part of the team and valued!

Have a read of our guidance, including case studies of what happens elsewhere, here: Welcoming Student Reps on Board



If you create a welcome and open environment, you'll get much more out of meetings.

Have a read of our guidance here: Hosting an SSLC Meeting 



Creating an inclusive environment isn't just about the classroom, it's about your common spaces, Student Rep elections and SSLC meetings.

Also, have a look at our guidance here: Accessible and Inclusive Events




Mohamed Salhi | KCLSU Vice-President Education (Arts & Science)

Email: // Tweet: @kclsu_vpeas


Hannan Badar | KCLSU Vice-President Education (Health)

Email: // Tweet: @kclsu_vpeh


Student Voice Team





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