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Dental Council

Mission statement:

The Dental Student Council is a student-led body that has been established in order to represent and support students across all aspects pertaining to their training at KCLDI; encompassing academic, clinical, environment and student welfare issues. We work with students and student representatives and liaise with senior management to provide solutions to any issues you may come across during your time at KCL

Core Committee:

Phil Wyatt

Ayla Mahmud

Secretary & Treasurer:
Ahmed Elmatary

Education Representative:
Kiarash Faryabi-Araghi

Welfare Representative:
Labiba Al-Karauli


2018/9 Team Reps:

Academic reps are being elected at the moment. If you'd like to become a rep, contact the Dentist Council directly by visting their KEATS page or emailing them.

Year 5 Thames  - 
Year 5 St Paul’s -  
Year 5 Palace - 
Year 4 Thames -  
Year 4 St Paul’s  - 
Year 4 Palace - 
Year 4 Monument - 
Year 3 Thames - 
Year 3 St Paul's - 
Year 3 Palace: - 
Year 3 Monument - 
Year 2 Palace - 
Year 2 Thames - 
DPMG representative:
GPEP representative:

Contact details:

Our council email address is:



Visit the Dental Council KEATS page to get more information about the Dental Council, to raise feedback, to get BDS resources, to learn more about the peer support programme and more.

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