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NUS Conferences

NUS (National Union of Students) is a confederation of student unions in the UK. Being affiliated with NUS means that as a union, we can create policy and campaign on a national level.

Find out who your delegates are and how to submit a motion to NUS Liberation, International and National Students’ Conferences.

NUS Conferences are the lead decision making bodies of the organisation where delegates representing students from across NUS membership review the work over the last year, decide on priorities and policy for the following year and elect the leadership.


If you are attending an NUS National Conference you can find out more about your role here. 

If you are attending an NUS Liberation Conference you can find out more about your role here. 

Click here to submit your motion to NUS Conferences.

For more information on conferences, delegate selection or support in writing a motion please email


Our NUS Delegates

KCLSU Association Lead Officers automatically receive a place at their respective NUS Conference. The remaining NUS Delegates are elected by students from the community that conference concerns - for example, only LGBT+ students can vote for the delegates to the NUS LGBT+ Conference. Delegation entitlements are set by NUS for each conference.


National Conference 

Delegates for NUS National Conference will be elected at the Spring elections. You can read more about what being a delegate entails here


International Students’ Conference 

Yamini Yadav 


Disabled Students’ Conference 

Georgie Spearing


Women's Conference: 

Alicia Tan 

Heather Abdule

Sainab Nuh

Amanie El-Alfy 


LGBT+ Conference

Josh Gill

Ed Donald

Georgie Spearing

Emily Fleur Butler

Emma Jaggs

Antoine Morizur-Brulle


Trans Conference

Riley B.

Ed Donald

Georgie Spearing


Black Students’ Conference

Shaswat Jain

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