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Building a Students’ Union for all is one of our key priorities at KCLSU. Associations aim to combat oppression, discrimination, and inequality faced by students on a local and national level.

Associations exist to connect us, highlight current issues, and empower us to act collectively and bring about change. They also hold King’s and our Union to account by challenging discrimination and making sure actions are taken with equality and inclusion in mind.

Associations at KCLSU aim to be intersectional. This means that they recognise the intersections (or overlaps) between different identities and the knock-on effects. It’s possible to self-define into one, some, or all of the Liberation Associations. As a result, Associations often work together to achieve the best results.

You can find guidance and resources on running an Association here.

Our Representatives

Each Association has an Association Lead Officer, and a number of them have committee members who are elected to support the work that they do.

Every Association Lead Officer sits on the Welfare Forum for the KCLSU Union Development Committees and makes decisions on student ideas that are submitted to change the union.

Our Association Leads also work with our Student Officers to create change at a college level, as well as representing KCLSU at NUS Liberation Conferences.

There are seven Associations at KCLSU - click the links to find out more:

People of Colour Association - get in touch at poca@kclsu.org

Disabled Students’ Association - get in touch at disabled@kclsu.org

International Students’ Association - get in touch at international@kclsu.org

Mature Students’ Assocation

LGBT+ Association - get in touch at lgbt@kclsu.org

Women’s Association - get in touch atwomens@kclsu.org

Widening Participation Association - get in touch at wp@kclsu.org

Celebrating our History

Throughout the year we also celebrate Black History Month, Disability History Month, LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) History Month, and Women’s History Month.

Funding is available for History Months through the KCLSU Development Fund.


Working Towards Liberation

Don’t worry if you don’t self-define into an Associations’ community – you can still get involved by supporting Liberation campaigns.

If you’re part of a Liberation group, activity group, or society that’s already working on Liberation related issue, you may want to take positive action to increase participation in their activities.


Get in Touch

The Associations are supported by our Liberation Development Coordinator and the Student Voice team.

Contact Us

Contact our Representation Team

Email representation@kclsu.org

Phone 020 7848 4588

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