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LGBT+ Accessible Sport

Campaign Aim

To improve the experiences of LGBT+ students in sports at university

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Campaign Objectives

Identify the common experiences of LGBT+ students at King’s in sport

Create an initiative (workshop/pledge/other to be determined) which acts to improve LGBT+ student experiences

Create clear policies which allow transgender and intersex students to self-define into men or women’s teams, target discrimination and ensure equitable use of facilities

Campaign Support

This campaign was set out in one of our LGBT+ officers manifesto and is therefore an automatically supported campaign. 

Campaign Update

The team behind the campaign are busy working on a survey to capture the experiences of LGBT+ members of KCLSU. It should be launched soon so check back here soon.

Campaign Leads

Members of the LGBT+ Association
You can get in contact to find out more about the campaign by emailing lgbt@kclsu.org

Campaign Strategy Document


Call Referendum

If you object to this campaign being supported by KCLSU, you can call for a referendum to overturn the support for this campaign.

Campaign News

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