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King's is for families too!

Campaign Aim

King's College campuses must have "Family Rooms". These are safe spaces for children and for family members with special needs. Family rooms will be equipped to allow parents and carers to have meetings with supervisors, use the computers, and network with colleagues. Staff are also welcome to use these spaces.

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What You Need to Know

To support this campaign as an association member, please update your eligibility on your voting profile. You can find out more information about how to update your voting profile here

For a campaign to be officially supported by KCLSU, it needs to have the support of our student membership which is done through an online petition. You have to add your name to the petition to support the campaign.

Campaigns need to be supported by 150 KCLSU members to become a KCLSU supported campaign or 75 association members to become a KCLSU Association Supported campaign.

Once the threshold is reached, it means the campaign will receive guidance and support from KCLSU staff to create a strategy and deliver the campaign aim. You can find out more on our campaigns pages.

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How will the campaign impact King's students?

In the Family Rooms, student parents and carers will not only have a chance to network among themselves, but also to have the same opportunities as other students who have a place to work specific to their needs.

Student parents and carers will be able to work more hours, attend supervision meetings and perhaps other events. Children and those who carers are responsible for will have a safe, welcoming and inclusive space on campus. Staff are also welcome to use these spaces.

Which students at King's will the campaign impact?

Student and staff parents and carers.

Who should support the campaign?

KCLSU, Family Assocication, Disabled Student's Association,LGBT+ Association, Mature Students' Association, People of Colour Association, Widening Participation Association, Women's Association, International Students' Assocation

Campaign Leads

  • Shanique (Family Network Officer)

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