Not every disability is visible

Campaign Aim

Many individuals are affected by ‘invisible’ chronic conditions and illness, and need the use of accessible toilet facilities. We are asking the university to implement improved signs for accessible toilets, with the message that ‘not every disability is visible’, to raise awareness of chronic conditions and provide fully accessible facilities for all. 

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How will the campaign impact King's students?

1. Encourage user accessibility and privacy - Certain individuals may require quick and regular access to a toilet, avoiding queues during peak times and possess the need for extra space than that usually found within traditionally enclosed cubicles.

2. Facilitate acceptance without judgement - The signs reinforce the fact that certain conditions, mental and physical, can be hidden and not outwardly apparent, therefore helping to eliminate both any potential guilt felt by individuals in using disabled toilets and possible judgement from others.

3. Provide support and awareness from the university for any affected and marginalised groups - Each toilet sign will include a link directing users towards welfare support services from the university, important for those wishing to seek any help.

Which students at King's will the campaign impact?

The campaign may impact all students, but primarily those who identify as disabled or are ill, but not display any obvious external signs of disability or compromised health. These include those suffering from so called 'invisible' conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's and Colitis), Epilepsy and forms of Depression.

Who should support the campaign?

Members of KCLSU, Members of the Disabled Students' Association


Campaign Leads

  • Zain

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What You Need to Know

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Campaign News

Victory for ‘Not every Disability is Visible’ campaign

The team behind the ‘Not every disability is visible’ campaign have secured a huge victory after signs on bathroom doors in Bush House have been changed to include the ‘Not all disabilities are visibl

Not every disability is visible

The campaign petition launched in December 2017 has recently passed the signature threshold needed to become an official KCLSU supported campaign.