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Fair funding for postgraduates

Campaign Aim

For the University to alleviating the financial burden on postgraduate students

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Campaign objectives

1) Work  with the university to expand the flexible payment plan for self-funded postgraduate students so that by the next academic year every postgraduate student has 3 instalment plans.

2) After the deposit fee campaign, the College conceded and deposit fees were halved for home students to £500.  However, the deposit for international students remained the same. Lobby for international student deposits to be halved from £2,000 to £1,000 by the next admissions cycle.

3) Lobby the university to trial the removal of the deposit fee for all postgraduate taught programmes in one department.

4) Lobby for greater provision of scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate study.


Campaign Leads

  • Jessica Oshodin (Vice President for Postgraduates)


Campaigns Strategy

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Campaign News

Fairer funding for Postgraduates and Slice the Price host Bush House Session

The teams behind the campaigns are hosting a Bush House Session on March 28th titled Behind The Pound: The Truth about Student Finance.

Fairer funding for postgraduate survey launched!

The team behind the fairer funding for postgraduate campaign have launched a survey and need your help!