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Justice for cleaners KCL

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To stand in solidarity with KCL cleaning staff to ensure that the quality of students studying conditions do not depend on the ill-health and exploitation of predominantly migrant workers.

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What will be the impact of your campaign:

Our massively overstretched cleaning staff do an incredible job with the few resources they are given, so it can be hard to perceive the problems when the spaces appear to be so clean.

However, not only would the quality of cleaning improve were working conditions to improve, but it would mean that students studying conditions would not depend on the ill-health and exploitation of predominantly migrant workers.

Which students at King's will the campaign impact?

All students.

Firstly, without our cleaners King's cannot function, they are an integral part of the community that enable us to work and study.

Secondly, the outsourcing model that is affecting the cleaners and the precarious contracts are increasingly common across all sectors and are beginning to reach our academic staff and may affect us when we graduate.

Finally, a university functions a lot better if all parties are satisfied and cooperating.


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  • Representative of the Justice For Cleaners KCL campaign group

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