We hope that you have a good time as a member of KCLSU, but we know that sometimes things don't always go well, and that problems do happen.

We want to listen to you if you have a complaint so we can identify when things are not working & make sure all our members are supported by KCLSU.

Our complaints procedure is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, whilst enabling us to deal with complaints properly, and treat everyone involved fairly.

What is a KCLSU complaint?

You can raise a concern, give us feedback or make a formal complaint about anything related to your membership of KCLSU.

  • A KCLSU service, event or activity
  • relating to KCLSU venues and spaces
  • KCLSU student activity groups
  • KCLSU members behaviour

We have different procedures to deal with Student Officers political performance and elections.

We can't deal with a complaint about KCL, KCL venues, services, activities, departments or decisions. What we can do is give you advice, support and representation in making a complaint about KCL to KCL, contact advice@kclsu.org or find out more on their page.

How do I make a complaint?

First of all, you might find it more straightforward to speak to someone informally. You can contact the head of a service or venue, or a member of KCLSU staff who works in the area you're concerned about. You can find out who our people are, or you can contact hello@kclsu.org

If you have a concern that you think is serious, or you want it dealt with formally then you need to email complaints@kclsu.org and read the complaints procedure to understand more about the what you need to do, and what to expect from KCLSU.

Who can help me?

You will be contacted by the adviser to our complaints procedure, who will tell you about the process, and what information we'll need from you. If you have any questions about using the procedure, or want to know if this is a route that will help you, contact them via complaints@kclsu.org

What can I expect?

If your complaint is something we can deal with - so it is something that relates to KCLSU and is in power to resolve - then we will look to come up with a resolution as quickly and simply as possible. Your complaint might need an investigation, we will let you know if that happens, and tell you about the time that will take. We try and get a resolution to all complaints within 15 working days, but this won't always be possible if it's complicated or involves speaking to a number of people.

You will always get a response, and we will always look at how we can help you in resolving your concerns.

Decisions about complaints are made by the KCLSU President, who is a student, elected by you to represent you. If there is a conflict of interests with the President, or they are involved in the complaint a different student officer, or KCLSU trustee or group of trustees will make the decisions.

You can find the full complaints procedure on our Policy Zone.