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KCL Wilderness Medicine Society is about medicine and research in places where others won’t go. That could be altitude, space, the polar regions, the jungle or disaster zones, amongst many others. Interested in the wilderness? Then this is the society for you! And we’re not just science and medicine students by the way…

Coming up this year are several trips including surfing in October, Search and Rescue in November, National WildTrials competition and culminating in the annual KCL WMS Expedition to the Alps! We also run an annual conference in Extreme Medicine in partnership with the KCL Emergency Medicine Society. 

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  • Wilderness Medicine - training course£50.00
  • Deposit for Expedition 2017£100.00



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All memberships bought before the 31st of July will expire on the 31st of July. We advise that you wait until the 1st of August to purchase a membership.