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The King's Players is the leading theatre society of King's College London and for decades has been committed to creating highly innovative and exciting theatre. We run a busy schedule of plays, weekly masterclasses, theatre trips, socials and drama festivals throughout the year. Our projects include work from a wide range of classical, modern and contemporary playwrights, and we actively encourage and create special opportunities for new writing from our members! As well as putting on at least four large-scale productions every year, we also fund new writing, and take part in the annual London Student Drama Festival and the internationally reknown Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 

Whatever your interests, regardless of experience, you are completely welcome to be part of our society. Of course, our society does not just seek out actors and writers, but also directors, producers, stage managers, lighting designers, sound designers/composers, stage designers, costume and makeup designers, photographers, graphic designers, film makers, and any skills that you think could benefit our theatre society.

Weekly masterclasses take place on Wednesday afternoons in Tutus (Macadam Building, Strand Campus) from 2pm - 4pm. We currently adding the finishing touches to our very exciting semester of workshops, but to whet your appetite, past workshops have included visits from the cast of Warhorse, Max Stafford-Clark, Hoopla Improv, 1927 and even a workshop on the set of Punch Drunk's sell out show, The Drowned Man. On top of this, we will be starting a fortnightly writers group to help nurture new writing, which will eventually lead up to a rehearsed reading in the new year, and you forging your ideas to pitch to us!



24 Hour Play | Mary Smart: A Digital Romance | 19.00 Sat 12 Nov 2016, Anatomy Museum

A play rehearsed and performed in 24 hours. Northern California's Silicon Valley is a wealth of think-tanks, start-ups, and billion dollar businesses. Everyone wants a piece of the action, including thousands upon thousands of qualified women.

The Seagull | 23-25 Nov 2016, Anatomy Museum

Summer. A blue evening. You look straight at the lake and onto the horizon. Half-eight. The moon rises, a curtain rises. Nothing beyond but empty space. Can you hear? Someone is singing. The laughter, and noise, and romance, endless romance . . . 

But if Nina is late, the whole effect will be ruined.

Let the Wild Ones Run by Andrew Marks and Alex Morris | 30 Nov-2 Dec 2016, Greenwood Theatre

Based on real institutions and practices, 'Let the Wild Ones Run' explores the conflict between being true to faith at the expense of identity. When a sexually confused and curious teenager is admitted to a fundamentalist, Christian camp to ‘pray his gay away’, he forms friendships and relationships despite the claustrophobic, suffocating environment. But, after all, what are a few weeks in the face of eternity everlasting?

The Tempest | 13-15 Dec 2016, Tutus

To mark the close of Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary, in this wholly contemporary reimagining of 'The Tempest', racial tensions brew and simmer to the surface. Centuries of oppression and subjugation erupt into an explosion of defiance and reclamation. 





#1 Playground Theatre | Tutus, 28 Sept 2016

The Playground aim to create shows with a fresh perspective on classics. Believing passionately in the power of play and it's role in creativity, a playful approach forms the backbone of all their work.

#2 Casting Director Emily Tielli | Anatomy Museum, 5 Oct 2016

Emily is a London based casting director, with 12 years experience in casting commercials, TV series, and films. In 2011 she founded ET Casting.

#3 Backstage Tour | National Theatre, 12 Oct 2016

The National Theatre produces over 20 new productions every year. Preparation for the shows, including rehearsals, prop and costume-making all happen on site.

#4 Hoopla Improv | Tutus, 19 Oct 2016

Hoopla have been running for over 10 years and are the founders of London’s first ever improvised comedy club.

#5 Caitlin Evans on Devising Political Theatre | Tutus, 26 Oct 2016

Caitlin recently finished a run at the Edinburgh Fringe festival with 'The Surge', a devised piece of political theatre about the nature of protest in today's political landscape, asking: can we really make a change? The production met brilliant reviews and generated inspiring audience responses. Therefore, she'll definitely be able to tell you what it takes to bring a play to the Fringe.

Caitlin currently is working with local communities in London, creating art and theatre with them, exploring the political issues they face.

#6 Running-A-Mock Improv with Andrew Marks | Tutus, 9 Nov 2016 incl. FREE ticket to see the Running-A-Mock Improv troupe perform that evening

Andrew is the founder and president of KCL's first improv group. Improv fundamentally relies on listening and collaborating with others, so Andrew hopes to ground his workshop in collective artistry and performance.

#7 TBC 16 Nov 2016

#8 Gamelan at the Southbank Centre | Meet at Tutus 14.00, 23 Nov 2016

In 1987 Southbank Centre was privileged to receive a beautiful Javanese percussion orchestra called gamelan. Playing the gamelan can inspire self-confidence, improve co-ordination, and encourage team building. Strictly limited places and first come, first serve, so reserve yours here.

#9 Medieval Theatre | The Players of St Peter | Anatomy Museum, 30 Nov 2016

The Players of St Peter are an amateur drama group founded in 1946, specialising in medieval drama. Always they aim to give the best possible productions that are accessible to modern audiences; and to keep faith with the original works as they were devised more than 500 years ago.

#10 Theatre Trip | Lazarus: David Bowie Musical | King's Cross Theatre 14.00, 7 Dec 2016

Inspired by the book, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Lazarus focuses on Thomas Newton, as he remains still on Earth - a 'man' unable to die, his head soaked in cheap gin and haunted by a past love. We follow Newton during the course of a few days where the arrival of another lost soul - might set him finally free.


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