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The King's Players is the leading theatre society of King's College London and for decades has been committed to creating highly innovative and exciting theatre. We run a busy schedule of plays, weekly masterclasses, theatre trips, socials and drama festivals throughout the year. Our projects include work from a wide range of classical, modern and contemporary playwrights, and we actively encourage and create special opportunities for new writing from our members! As well as putting on at least four large-scale productions every year, we also fund new writing, and take part in the annual London Student Drama Festival and the internationally reknown Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 

Whatever your interests, regardless of experience, you are completely welcome to be part of our society. Of course, our society does not just seek out actors and writers, but also directors, producers, stage managers, lighting designers, sound designers/composers, stage designers, costume and makeup designers, photographers, graphic designers, film makers, and any skills that you think could benefit our theatre society.


We host masterclasses throughout the year which take place on Wednesday afternoons in Tutus (Macadam Building, Strand Campus) from 2pm - 4pm. Check here and the Facebook page for what's coming up.

-Wednesday 17th January: Cyphers Create workshop and audition



Our Spring 2018 Shows are beginning so look no further for information on our FOUR productions we are putting on this semester. 

'A Taste of Honey' by Shelagh Delaney:

A Taste of Honey was written by 18-year-old Shelagh Delaney and was first performed in 1958 at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in East London. Set in Salford, Manchester, in the late 1950s, it concerns Jo, a 17-year-old girl knocked up by a black sailor, Jimmy, who has returned to sea, her mother Helen, a “semi-whore” who has left to live with her wealthy fiancé Peter, and Jo’s flatmate Geoff, an art student who’s been kicked out of his flat for being gay. The Anatomy Theatre will be transformed into a post-war slum and strewn with children’s toys and undone laundry to provide the backdrop to Jo and Geoff as they play house. A poignant and honest look at motherhood, selfhood and love of all kinds, A Taste of Honey is a key example of the “kitchen-sink” drama, providing honest and heartbreakingly human roles.

Performances 16-18th March, Bush House Auditorium

'The Pillowman' by Martin McDonagh:

In a totalitarian state, writer Katurian is called in for interrogation due to the likeness of his/her short stories to a string of brutal child murders in the town. Written by the incomparably sharp Martin McDonaugh, this play is fast-paced, funny, thrilling and incredibly dark, with meaty characters and a grippingly sinister plot.

Performances 24-26th March, Anatomy Museum

'Ghost from a Perfect Place' by Philip Ridley:

It’s the 1990s and the setting is a dishevelled burnt out flat in Bethnal Green in the east end of london, belonging to Torchie Sparks and her prostitute, pyromaniac granddaughter Rio Sparks (who is also leader of vicious girl gang called ‘The Disciples’). This exciting contemporary script offers a captivating exploration of family bonds, female power and most importantly the haunting of the past - all with a sinisterly humorous undertone which makes its feel equally electric to play and to watch.

Performances 6-8th April, Tutu's

'Why did the chicken cross the road?' by Matthew Hennigar:

The play follows each of the words in that joke as a character. So, for example, the word “Why” is a character, along with the words “Did”, “The”, “Chicken” – though “Chicken” isn’t a speaking part, they just cluck – and all the rest, including those in the joke’s answer, “To Get To The Other Side.” Throughout the play’s two acts, each word tries to figure out their meaning as individual words and within the joke, as they all attempt to reach the ‘real world’.

Performances 10-11th March, Anatomy Museum


Here is the audition schedule for all of our Spring Semester productions:

-Monday 15th January: 6-9pm K4U.12 'A Taste of Honey'

-Tuesday 16th January: 6-9pm SW-2.17 'A Taste of Honey'

-Wednesday 17th January: 2pm Tutu's 'Cyphers Create'
                                            6-9pm K4U.12 'The Pillowman'

-Thursday 18th January: 6-9pm SW-2.09 'The Pillowman'
                                        6-9pm SW-2.07 'Ghost from a Perfect Place'

-Friday 19th January: 6-9pm K0.20 'Ghost from a Perfect Place'

-Monday 22nd January: 6-9pm K0.18 'Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?'

Check out the event pages here for more information:

A Taste of Honey:

The Pillowman:

Ghost from a Perfect Place:

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?:


The 2017/18 Committee:

Co-Presidents: Adam Walker-Kavanagh & Carys Hughes

Treasurer: Nina Cave

Director of Production: Julia Norton

Director of Development: Tabitha Piggott

Secretary: Rosanna Adams

Technical Director: John Pham



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