Women in Leadership

The King’s College London Women in Leadership Society seeks to create a platform to unite strong, empowered, and determined women. We aim to encourage women to realize their true potential, aim for leadership positions, strive for excellence, and endure the most difficult challenges placed in their way.

Through our monthly events with guest speakers, members can learn from other women who have proven themselves in their field. These may involve tips on facing, and solving difficulties in the workspace, dealing with gender discrimination, and paving the way towards a successful career.

Women in Leadership Society is seeking more women eager to carve out a place for themselves in their respective fields. Whilst our society may seem to be tailored towards women, men seeking to gain insight on the journey of women in leadership are more than welcome to join. We look forward to meeting you and working towards a better and more equal future!

Comittee for 2020-2021:


President: Saloni Dahanukar 

Treasurer: Trisha Banerjee

Vice President: Steffi Chan

Events: Vidisha Madan & Tamara Jacobs

Social and Digital Media: Harshita Lalwani & Vanessa Igodifo

Speaker Recruitment: Naomi Kifle


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