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KCLSU Statement on Last Night's Events

The ‘Security of Israel’ event with external speaker Ami Ayalon that took place last night went ahead after going through the requirements we ask of all student groups. For this event, that meant making sure Safe Space monitors and security were present.

We strongly support free speech- student groups should be able to host external speakers that comply with our policies, and students should also be able to constructively and peacefully protest. However, we don’t support violent action taking place, especially around our students, and we don’t support action leading to an approved event closing early.

We’ve seen reports on social media of students feeling frightened and intimidated- we take this very seriously, and we’re here for you, so please get in touch at [email protected] if there’s anything you want to talk about. We’re looking into how we move forward from this to make sure all our students are safe, and able to discuss, debate and learn in environments that are supportive and inclusive of all.

- Your KCLSU Student Officer Team

UPDATE 20/01/2016 3.10pm

King’s College London has released a statement stating that they’ll be carrying out an investigation into intimidation of students on campus and damage to University property, and we’ll fully cooperate and act on any recommendations accordingly.

UPDATE 20/01/2016 3.25pm

We can now confirm that KCLSU will be conducting a Major Incident Review into the events last night, talking to all the groups involved.