Marta Vega

May's Volunteer of the Month Marta Vega

Marta is part of the Positive Peer scheme, which helps to enhance the personal and collective wellbeing of King's students.


What does the role of a Positive Peer entail?
The Positive Peers are a group of trained students that initiate 'wellbeing outreach'. We run a variety of events in the campuses and residences to help students discover ways to maximise their wellbeing, as well as offering structured support for students experiencing low mood and mild depression to help them discover the best ways to cope. Overall, we're just a really friendly and wellbeing focused group!

How you get involved?
There are two main ways you can get involved. Firstly, you can come hang out with us at any of our events! This is a great opportunity to explore your wellbeing as part of a group and get to hear others’ ideas. The other way you can get involved is by becoming a Positive Peer. We usually recruit new peers at the end of first term and second term, and all peers receive training designed by Student Minds. This is a great option if you're looking to promote good mental health and wellbeing, and the training is a great addition to your CV!

What do you enjoy about volunteering in this role?
For me, there are two main things that fuel me as part of this role. The first is being part of an amazing group of driven and passionate individuals. This role has definitely helped me build a network of social support through the other peers, and I am constantly learning from them and their experiences. Secondly, knowing that I am contributing towards making a much needed change in the way we view mental health is really rewarding. I really enjoy knowing that those who engage with our events are benefiting from our work, whether it is having a new outlook on their wellbeing, or even something as simple as having a nice chat with us in between their classes.

What’s been your favourite memory of volunteering?
I think one of my favourite things to do in this role has been taking part in University Mental Health Day. This was a MASSIVE event, with so many different things going on around campus! I As a Psychology student I thought it was fascinating to have discussions with so many students about their mental health and coping strategies, as well as uniting to promote change. 

What have you learnt from your time volunteering?
I have definitely developed interpersonal skills as well as my confidence by partaking in the events. Above all, I think it has really helped me learn how to organise and prioritise my time to be able to take part in things that matter to me while still existing with my other responsibilities. 

What would you say to anyone thinking of taking part in volunteering?
Volunteering is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. It is rewarding for others, but at an equal level to yourself. Find a cause that matters to you and contribute to make a change, and through that you will find power as well as a lovely group of people to share the experience with!


You can find out more about the Positive Peers and their upcoming events via their website, facebook and instagram.

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