Jonathan Le Hunte

Jonathan is the Project Co-ordinator the KCL Regents' outreach project, which uses American Football to encourage sixth form pupils to pursue higher education.


How does the project work?

The project that I'm running is an expansion of what was started last year by our club. We partner with Bacon's College, the college attached to our training ground, to deliver workshops about encouraging higher education participation, and also American Football. We do this with a short classroom sessions followed by a practical session, once a week.

How did the project come about?

The project originated last year, when we as a club wanted to participate more with the school that provides such a great training facility for us. However I really wanted to expand the project this year, so we could continue it over a longer period of time.

What are your responsibilities?

I'm responsible for liaising with the staff at the college to prepare sessions, and also developing the training plan we have for the week. After that, it's much more hands on, and there's a small group of us that deliver the sessions directly.

What do you enjoy about volunteering on this project?

So far, it's all been preparation this year, but I can't wait to actually get to carrying out the sessions. At the moment, it's knowing that we have the chance to positively influence the education of these students.

What’s been your favourite memory of volunteering?

I've learnt that preparation is definitely key! Sometimes with a class full of secondary school students, it may not seem like it, but a lot of planning is needed for each session!

What are your plans for the project?

In the future, I'd love for this to be an ongoing project, year after year, and for there to be a full partnership with Bacon's college, so we can reach out and connect to as many students as possible.

What would you say to anyone thinking of taking part in volunteering?

To anyone who's thinking of volunteering, reaching out to start a project off may be the most daunting thing, but it's rare you'll be turned down. There's no harm in trying!


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