'King's is for families too' - now a KCLSU Supported Campaign

Started by members of the family association, the campaign is asking for family rooms – safe spaces which will allow for parents and carers to have meetings with supervisors, use the computers, and network with colleagues and which could also be used by staff.


Members of the campaign team said, ‘This is not just an issue that affects parents and carers, it affects all students. We all use the library to study and having a child in there would be disruptive to everyone and not in the child’s best interests. With family rooms, it will allow student parents and carers the same opportunities to work on campus but catered specifically to their needs.’


The campaign received enough signatures to become a KCLSU supported campaign. The Network will now campaign to acheive their goal with the support of KCLSU and it's members. The Network Committee have said,‘we hope to have a family room on each campus and to make King’s a more inclusive space for everyone. Everyone should have the same opportunity to work on campus and having just one room can change someone’s university experience massively.’


If you want to show your support for the campaign you can sign up at the Kings is for families too campaign webpage


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