Support the UCU lecturer’s strike campaign launched

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The campaign lead said:

"Lecturers are facing declining pay and deteriorating working conditions. This is having a negative impact not only on the workers directly suffering those conditions, but also the students being taught by them. We believe student-staff solidarity will be crucial in achieving the upcoming strike's demands and turning back the tide on the wider marketization of education.

Our immediate aim is to inform students about the reasons for the current ballot, why it is important for them to support it, and to encourage them to support their lecturers as they decide whether or not to take strike action. In the longer term, we want to build lasting links between students and workers, based on their shared interests and experience of exploitation in academia. We hope that these links can be used to effect meaningful change at our university and in society at large.

Marketization of education affects us all. When demands upon lecturers are increasing while their pay is, in real terms, decreasing, the quality of the education we receive will suffer. Furthermore, the exploitation our lecturers experience at university is but one instance of the exploitation the vast majority of students will experience in the workplace after graduating. This is why all students should support our lecturers in this struggle."

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