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Volunteer of the Month


What is your favourite memory of volunteering?

“My favourite memory of volunteering would be Cooking and Conversation at the GDSA. I remembered it was the beginning of the first term and many students showed up to this event. We chatted to each other about how we find university life while cooking spaghetti. The atmosphere was really good, and everyone seems to have lots of fun. It was my first event as the Positive Peers and thus was quite nervous to co-lead the session. But afterwards, I just love how friendly everyone is and the concept of cooking and talking to people. Another memorable event was the doggy de-stress. I mean who can say no to these cute puppies?”


What was your motivation to start volunteering?

“My motivation to volunteer with a Positive Peer is to promote students’ wellbeing as I understand university can sometimes be stressful. Positive Peers is a perfect place for me not only because they aim to support students through a wide range of events but also because the team members are so lovely, caring and always support each other.”


What would you say to somebody who is thinking about volunteering?

“If anyone is thinking about being a volunteer, I would say just go for it! You will meet many lovely people and you will definitely make some unforgettable memory together. My volunteer experience enriched my university life and I believe yours will be as well!”


A huge thank you to Yu-Lin for her amazing contribution to the Positive Peers programme!

If you are interested in becoming a positive peer, then you can register your interest and find out more by reading our role description.