Why you should care about Disability History Month

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My name is Emma, the Disabled Students’ Network Officer and I am here to let you know about Disability History Month. The UK Disability History Month (DHM) runs annually between 22nd November and 22nd December, which encompasses HIV/AIDS Day (1st December), International Day of People with Disabilities (3rd December) and International Human Rights Day (10th December). It is an opportunity to organise events and become involved within the disabled community.

This year’s theme is ‘Leadership, Resistance, and Culture’, which focuses on disabled leaders through history and their struggle for acceptance.

UK Disability History Month provides a platform for disabled people to share the history of the struggle for equality and human rights/ it empowers them to “become agents of change within their communities”. It is important to recognise how the leaders of the disabled peoples’ movement have changed the conversation on disability from a personal burden to a global human rights issue. Resistance covers the struggle that disabled people have faced when confronting oppression and prejudices in their place of work, academia, their local communities and at home. The disability arts movement is a source of collective strength to the struggle for equality and a pillar of disabled culture. Overall, UKDHM aims to celebrate the struggles of disabled people throughout history for fairness, equality and dignity in life.

I am really excited to let you know that the KCLSU Disabled Students Network have collaborated with KCLSU and King’s to present an exciting programme of events to mark KCLSU DHM 2019! These include our first Disabled Network Open Meeting - where you can meet myself, the Disabled Network team and what projects and campaigns we have planned for the year and a workshop delivered by King’s Careers - where you can learn some practical tips on how to find work experience and receive advice on when, if and how to talk with employers about disability! Find out the rest of the interesting events below. We look forward to celebrating with you!


Tuesday 03 December 2019

DHM x Project X: Film Screenings

Wednesday 04 December 2019

DHM x KCLSU First Generation Network: The Strive to Survive

DHM x King’s Careers: Work Experience with a Disability Workshop

Thursday 05 December 2019

DHM x KCLSU Wellbeing x King’s Culture x Project X: Create and Chat

Researchers in Disability: Their Inspiration, Work and Impact

Friday 06 December 2019

DHM x KCLSU Disabled Network: Term 1 Open Meeting

Monday 09 December 2019

DHM x KCLSU Campaigns: DHM Campaigns Training Session

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Understanding Liberation: DHM Edition



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