Visa fees for future officers

One of my proudest achievements this year has been the fact I managed to secure an agreement for KCLSU to cover all visa expenses for all international students who get successfully elected as a Full-Time Officer. 

This means that if you are an international student and you get elected as a Full-Time Officer in KCLSU, the Students' Union would pay for your visa extension by the UK immigration department. 

I took this notion to the HR committee whilst I was myself a Full-Time Officer and it has now gotten a policy secured which would ensure visa fee payment for all international students in the future by KCLSU.

I wanted to incentivise Full-Time Officer positions to our international students and encourage representation from the huge demographic of international students we have at King’s.

I believe international students are an indispensable part of the student community and I've tried throughout my time as president to make sure they are supported and are active members of KCLSU alongside other students.