Time running out for 'Better Heating on Campus' campaign

The 'Better Heating on Campus' campaign has only got six days to go to get the support it needs to become an official KCLSU supported campaign.

With so few days to go, the campaign leader, Syeda, is urging students to sign up and add their support; ‘Students should support the campaign because it affects us all. Cold weather is guaranteed every single year for 3-4 months of the academic year. But is good heating throughout campus guaranteed? I think not.

With so little time to go, Syeda is clear as to why students should support the campaign, ‘If students support the campaign we have a stronger mandate to get the university to listen to our concerns and actually implement better heating on campus.

‘Right now in the warm weather, the lack of heating is the last thing on anyone's mind but I urge the students to remember when it snowed and how ice cold it was in the larger lecture theatres - it made concentrating in the lecture next to impossible without a coffee/hot drink.’

If you want to support the campaign, you can add your signature to their online petition on the campaign webpage.


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