Support for UCU Strikes

At our Annual General Meeting, our student body decided to approve the motion of supporting the UCU strike to be discussed at the National NUS conference for it to become a national campaign.  KCLSU is a democratically led organisation and we acknowledge and respect the decision made by our student body and hence are putting forward a statement of support for our academic staff members who are facing pension cuts.
We, the elected officer team of KCLSU, stand in solidarity with the UCU and support their right to strike. We believe staff satisfaction is directly proportional to student satisfaction and that fairly treated staff are the cornerstone of the university experience.

The proposal by Universities UK to substantially cut the pensions of members of the USS pension scheme will be hugely damaging if implemented and will lead to a demotivated and unhappy workforce and consequent recruitment and retention problems.

If you are concerned about how these strikes might affect you, contact your department or lecturers and don't hesitate to reach out to KCLSU Advice at for any academic or welfare related help and support.

 Please have a look at the statement from the UCU here

 You can also support the ongoing petition taken forward by our students to support the strike below here 

For more information regarding the strikes please visit


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