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Quarantine around the world: London (residences)

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Where are you spending your quarantine?

I’m spending this time at my flat at Great Dover Street Apartments, with my two flatmates.  My parents are both self-isolating at home in Wales, so I am isolating myself away from them. Glorious. 

How is that going?

It’s going well, really getting to spend a lot of time with my flat mates and catch up with a load of mates from uni and back home.  Able to cook food pretty consistently and prepare for the week easier as there are fewer spontaneous changes.   Little hard to motivate myself to work, especially being that I see my flat as a place to come to and relax and chill usually after work/uni.  So, using it as a space to effectively study, isn’t going too great. But getting into a routine and a study timetable means I am getting quite a lot done. Although definitely not as effective as say working at the library.

What worries you the most at this time as a King’s student?

Not quite sure how I’m going to be examined this year, as a physiotherapy student we have OSCE’s which are practical exams with patient models. These have been cancelled and ‘adjustments’ have been made, no idea what that is. Exams are in theory less than a month away, but I still don’t know how were going to be examined. Bit worrying, but you know what, I feel for the lecturers and staff. This is a massive change for them as well, trying to adapt both their personal and work around COVID-19. Clarity of things is extremely difficult during this time, and I understand that. 

What are you doing for your wellbeing while indoors?

Quite a few organised Zoom chats, Friday with the boys I used to play rugby with, couple of nights with some old school friends.  Chatting to my family on WhatsApp.  Quite a lot of cooking as well as just chilling out watching some movies. 

Give us a tip for self-care that is working for you

Exercise, it has to be exercise, and a routine for that day that includes exercise. Going from doing 15/20,000 steps, to about 200 a day, means I’m way more inactive than normal. So, I’ve been doing a few runs with my flatmate or on my own and some very long cycles. Sometimes, I’ll even do one of the free online classes provided by King’s Sport. 

Out of the five pillars for wellbeing*, What would you say is the one you are practicing the most these days? (you can explain how, and develop more than one pillar) 

Definitely a combination of keep moving and savour the moment, being able to be outside and move is a privilege during these times and shouldn’t be abused.  So, appreciating that small time we might be outside and appreciating where we live and where we are is quite a nice thing. 

Give a piece of advice to other peers studying for exams while in quarantine (only if you are studying for exams or papers)

Get out of bed. Start your day, even if it’s just going downstairs to make a cup of coffee, just get moving as soon as you wake up.  That way you won’t be tempted to just stay in bed all day and do nothing. 

*The King's ways of Wellbeing are: Keep Moving, Invest in relationships, Never stop learning, Give to others, Savour the moment. Find more in our Take Time In pages!

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