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Officers statement on 2018 strike compensation

KCLSU officers statement on compensation for students affected by the UCU strikes in 2018.

Photo: Furqan Khan, Gurbaaz Gill, Nafiza Mamun, Nakul Patwa, Rhiannon Owen, Shaswat Jain

The University and College Union (UCU) held a democratic ballot that resulted in many academic staff undertaking strike action at King’s College London during February and March 2018.

This industrial action led to the disruption and cancellation of classes and lectures across King’s campuses.

We empathise with all students affected by not receiving the high level of education that they should expect from King’s. We understand that this can be a distressing experience for students looking to gain a rich academic experience. We further realise that academic staff feeling supported and secure in their future is conducive to a good quality university education, and we express solidarity with them.


Students who submitted a Stage 2 Complaint form within the allotted complaints policy deadline have received or are set to receive financial compensation. King’s have committed to ring-fence the money not reimbursed directly and invest it into initiatives and channels that enrich and improve the wider student experience.

We believe the existing complaints policy at King’s is not sufficiently transparent, and therefore does not adequately support all students who choose to make complaints. It is our goal to refine and streamline this policy in future. Parity for all students in this procedure is requisite.

Further, we do not believe that complaints regarding the UCU strikes were followed-up effectively. Communication concerning the procedural and administrative requirements of students was not sufficient.

We at KCLSU will continue with the efforts our sabbatical predecessors, working alongside King’s College London as critical friends – challenging all follow-up decisions to ensure that the best solution is achieved for the highest number of students.

We aim to ensure that documented and accessible policy is in place to address any potential situations that may arise in the future. Specifically, determining the maximum time-restrictions on submitting complaints, defining who exactly will be compensated from previous strikes and mandating that in future all students will be financially compensated.  

We will also ask King’s to keep affected students informed throughout this process. KCLSU Advice will support all students in processing their claims.