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Officer statement on KCLSU Elections

Ahad, Jessica, Hannan, Robert, Shaurya and Mohamed

We Ahad, Jessica, Hannan, Robert, Shaurya and Mohamed deeply apologise for not putting this out sooner. 

On Friday, KCLSU’s election results were announced. Student officers received an open letter from the Intersectional Feminist Society, which mentioned allegations of harassment, discrimination and impropriety during campaigning by candidates.

As the elected student officers, we want to respond to this open letter, “We are vehemently opposed to harassment and discrimination of any kind and were alarmed to hear these allegations. It goes against our values and the values of the organisation. At KCLSU, we are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive space for all our student members. We believe all students should be free from intimidation or harassment resulting from prejudice or discrimination of any kind, and we expect our students to avoid intimidating or harassing others in our spaces or while taking part in our events. Our collaborative campaign #ItStopsHere is a commitment we have made to eliminate such behaviour on campus and tackling their causes. The safety of students is central to our practice.”

KCLSU has a duty to hold free and fair elections. To ensure that this duty is followed KCLSU appoints an external returning officer – the National Union of Students or their nominee. We as the student officers are not part of the KCLSU elections process or the complaints process. This is done to preserve the sanctity of the democratic process.  

The external returning officer is nominated through KCLSU’s governance procedures and approved by KCL. Their remit is ensuring KCLSU elections are free and fair, processing complaints and ensuring the good conduct and administration in accordance with our regulations. They are also responsible for approving the count, declaring the result and making it publicly available.  


If you have made an election complaint please note they are processed in line with our Bye-Laws and Election Disciplinary Procedures (Appendix 3 of the Bye-Laws). All complaints received before 18.00 on 7th March 2019 were reviewed and referred to the external Returning Officer when appropriate. Any further action recommended by the external Returning Officer was carried out before the count took place.

All complaints received after 18.00 on 7th March 2019 will be referred to our Members Complaints Procedure.

Whilst KCLSU is not able to consider these under the elections complaints procedure as they were sent outside of the time limit, each complaint is considered in full and this will be investigated rigorously and carefully.

Complainants will be contacted with further information about the complaints procedure. If you have a complaint please do send it to [email protected] as soon as possible.