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Join the Officer Accountability Panel

You’ve just elected your full-time Student Officer Team, and now you have the opportunity to apply to sit on the Officer Accountability Panel. The role of the accountability panel is to represent and advocate for the student body and offer both positive and negative feedback to the officers in terms of their goals so far. They support the officers, ask questions, share their frustrations and celebrate their wins.

We're looking for three more students to join the accountability panel and ensure that next year's officers commit to achieving their manifesto pledges. It's a role with a low time commitment in which you get to facilitate understanding between King's students and their elected officers.

Why should you apply?

  • Understand the work of your representatives and hold them to account for their election promises.
  • Meet and work with a diverse team of students from across the university, developing skills and connections. 
  • Gain insight and understanding of the work of the full-time Student Officers and other crucial representatives.
  • To receive training, guidance and support from KCLSU staff, working together on developing approaches to accountability over the year.
  • Develop your CV with skill development in areas including facilitation, mediation and coaching.


Hear from previous panel members about why they applied:

"I applied to sit on the panel as I believe that leaders vested with authority ought to have rigorous checks and balance to ensure they fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities, represent their electorate, and not misuse their power or funds. I care very much about accountability and the democratic process and would like to make sure that the King's student body is properly and robustly represented through KCLSU. In particular, I would like to use my experience as an international and ethnic minority student at King's to ensure the interests of these communities are considered and protected."  Fabian Siau, English Language and Linguistics Student


"I applied to have the chance to be involved in honest and constructive dialogue with the elected officers, to ultimately try and be a positive impact on the way KCLSU operates and its impact on the student body." Liam Jones, Biomedical Engineering Student


Sound like something you're interested in? Download the application document for more information on key dates and the job description. Apply today to be part of the democratic community at KCLSU and to give back to your student peers. The application window closes on Tuesday 28 June at 10am.


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