Islamophobia Awareness Month at KCLSU

Why get involved with Islamophobia Awareness Month?


November is Islamophobia Awareness Month. Through a series of events, dialogues and other activities, we'll be shedding light on this growing problem and finding ways to tackle it together. We'll be highlighting Islamophobia awareness all month so there's plenty of opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

        "Islamophobia is the fear of, or prejudice towards, Islam and Muslims, and whilst always having been a problem, it has spiked in recent years. Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) which begins in November, is aimed at raising awareness and tackling the issue.

       To combat this rise in racial and religious discrimination, our students' union and societies have got a dynamic and informative series of events - keep a look out for more to follow, on our website and on Twitter, using the hashtag #IAMkclsu!"

Tayyaba Rafiq,
Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences) 


Our activity groups are hosting a number of events throughout the month. Check out our events pages for all that's on offer, but here a snippet:

KCL Islamic Society - Islamophobia Awareness Exhibition - Monday 13th November - (The Shed, Guy's campus) 

KCL Islamic Society - Islamophobia Awareness Exhibition - Tuesday 14th November - (Macadam Lobby, Strand Campus) 

KCL Islamic Society - Weaponisation of Language - Tuesday 14th November, 6pm - (Guy's Campus, New Hunts House, Lecture Theatre 2) 

KCL Intersectional Feminist Society - Muslim Women in the West - Tuesday 14th November, 6pm -  (Waterloo Campus TBC) 

KCL Islamic Society - Muslims, Social Inclusion and the West - Thursday 16th November, 6pm - (Waterloo Campus, G73) 

KCL Islamic Society - Islamophobia: Dismantling the Machine - Friday 17th November, 6pm - (Guy's Campus, New Hunts House, Lecture Theatre 2) 

See all events here!


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