In the Spotlight: The Rolling Tones

The Rolling Tones are Kings’ only all-female a cappella group, and are looking for new voices.

Publicity Manager Sophia Retief explains how to join.

Who can join The Rolling Tones and what does it involve?
Anyone is welcome to join our group as long as they can sing and enjoy singing a cappella! We are a group of girls that meet a couple times a week to sing a variety of styles in a cappella, but are also close friends that love spending lots of time together. We put on slick and professional performances with unique arrangements, vocal wizardry, and exciting choreography - and have loads of fun while we’re at it! We are always striving and working towards something, whether it’s a competition or concert, or upcoming gigs.
What would you say to someone who wants to join but isn’t sure?
Please audition in September - we will be looking for lots of new members with so many of us graduating this year! We are a group that cares so much about both each other and what we can do. We have been very successful in previous competitions, becoming the first all-female group to achieve the awards that we have, but what we are most proud of is how close and caring we are as a group. Considering the amount of time we all spend together, the Tones become a big part of each other’s lives and are very important to one another – it’s like a second family!
What has been your proudest moment as a member of The Rolling Tones? 
We are the current Champions of the Voice Festival UK University Championship 2017 and the current UK Champions of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (the ICCAs - yes that Pitch Perfect competition!). We are the first all-female group to win both competitions and in the 2018 UK ICCA Semi-finals we achieved the highest score ever in the competition’s history.
What does The Rolling Tones have planned for this year?
Currently we are raising money to go to New York at the end of April to compete in the ICCA finals against America’s best university a cappella groups. We are also the only all-female group to be competing in the ICCA finals this year! We’d appreciate any help in donations or sharing online to help us get to New York, which would go towards paying for the flights, accommodation, transport and expenses whilst we’re there. We hope you’ll check our donation page out! –
What does being a member of The Rolling Tones mean to you?
Personally, becoming a member of The Rolling Tones has made my university experience, and I can’t imagine doing it without the girls who have made such a big impact on me these last few years. Not only have I made friends for life with the experiences we’ve shared together but I’ve improved my confidence in singing and performing. We as a group have also developed so much in our sound and blend with every new song and arrangement we do.
‘Want to learn more about The Rolling Tones? Check their page out here to find out what they’re up to and how you can join their group.’


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