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How much do you know about Autumn Elections?

In the whirlwind that are the first few weeks of Uni, you may have spotted in the odd email, social media post, and maybe even posters if you’ve been on campus, that there’s an Autumn Election going on at KCLSU... but what exactly are Autumn Elections? And what do they have to do with you and your Uni experience?  

As you may or may not know, KCLSU – your Students’ Union - is a democratic charity led by students. It is these elected student leaders that work to ensure a wide cross-section of views are represented in decision making within the Union and at King’s. Their aim? To unite the various student communities around common causes. Autumn Elections are a huge part of this, with positions available across the Student’s Union. These include more well-known roles such as Academic Reps, Sustainability, Sports, and Activities Committee Members which do pretty much what it says on the tin – but also include less known positions such as Student Trustees, Academic Board Members, and Network Officers.  

So what do they do? Student Trustees sit on KCLSU’s Trustee Board – deciding on the strategic future of KCLSU, as well as making important legal and financial decisions about the SU as a charity. This is a great position to gain skills in negotiation, risk assessment and budgeting, which are very attractive to future employers.  

Meanwhile, Academic Board Members would work with the Board to maintain and enhance the academic quality of the College’s academic provision and the academic standards for awards – much like the Student Trustee position, being an Academic Board Member is great for the CV – affording you skills like negotiation, risk assessment and critical thinking. Last but certainly not least are the Student Network Officers who run KCLSU’s Student Networks.  

Student Networks focus on enhancing the experience of students experiencing oppression, discrimination and inequality on a local and national level. They do so by working with societies, hosting events, and promoting Liberation Months with the SU to educate students. In this election cycle, the roles of LGBT+ (trans place) , POC and Disabled Student Network Officers are open for nominations.  

So, having read all this you may be thinking to yourself - “cool, so what do I need to do?”  

Well, first, if you’re interested in filling any of these positions, we strongly recommend that you nominate yourself here . Elections this year will happen 100% virtually, so all you need to do is provide a short manifesto (i.e. what your aims would be if you were to fill the role you applied for, and what makes you a good candidate).  

If standing is not something you are considering at the moment, make sure you vote – yes VOTE - on 7th October.  At KCLSU, we are here to be the voice of all students and so we need your voice through your vote to keep doing what we do. Your vote today has an impact on your experience at King’s tomorrow. Find out more here and see below your “save the dates” for this Election.